Artist Statement





If you listen closely, you can see more and learn more.

I have had a long time interest in learning about how I see. As I am looking at things in the natural world, I often try and observe my looking, and I have started to be aware of just how much the other senses play a part in this.

As I experience and gather information, I realized how all of my senses play an important part in how I see. If my other senses are handicapped, especially that of hearing, my vision is not so clear. As I paint, the action of blending colors, the subtleties of light and dark values are joined with the sounds of the paint application as well as the recall of the sound, smell and touch experiences I had while observing these places in nature.

Many of my paintings are reflections of time spent in Santa Fe. Because the altitude is 8000 feet, it changes the quality of air, light and sound. The change of seasons is observed in part by how things sound. Trees with leaves play a very different song than those without. The aspens, all related I am told, sound different if they are tall and close together or young, green and supple.

I invite you to experience my paintings as visual entertainment and for your own recall of places that might have held a special experience for you with your own unique set of senses.